XSPF “Feed” Creator Plugin for Wordpress


A client of ours wanted an mp3 player on their Wordpress website. Using the wonderful Flash XSPF Web Music Player, we created this plugin for Wordpress to quickly and easily create an XSPF file from links to publicly posted mp3 files.


Usage is very simple.

  1. Download xspf.zip, unzip, and place in your wp-plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin in your Admin menu.
  3. Create a new Links Category in wordpress called “Playlist”
  4. Write > Links. The Name becomes the Track Title, the Web Address becomes the Track Location, and the Description becomes the Track Annotation. Save the Link in the Playlist category.
  5. The XSPF file will now be available at http://yourwebaddress/?feed=xspf
  6. Optional: Publish the player code (below) on a page or in your template somewhere. Change the height and width of the main object to suit your site.

You can, of course, use the player of your choice to playback the XSPF file. Simply give it the URL above as the playlist, and away you go!

Player Code

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="245" height="170" data="<?php echo WP_PLUGIN_URL; ?>/xspf/xspf_player.swf?playlist_url=<?php echo bloginfo('url'); ?>/?feed=xspf"> <param name="movie" value="<?php echo WP_PLUGIN_URL; ?>/xspf/xspf_player.swf?playlist_url=<?php echo bloginfo('url'); ?>/?feed=xspf" /> </object>


GNU GPLv2 License.


Paul DeLeeuw
Phone: 616-723-0913

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